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Chats en Flash

Sólo descargas: (pulsa en cada link para descargar, los enlaces de descarga está en la ventana de abajo)

Hasha Video Chat 1.3
This is a Flash-driven web chat room solution
Licencia comercial

PPV Chat
This system can organize paid access to video/audio materials based on an integrated per-minute billing...
Licencia comercial

Community Video Chat 5.1update
Community Video Chat is feature-rich, multi-user real time video/audio/text flash application.
Prueba gratuita

Excelente chat.

ChatBot 1.0
ChatBot is a bot that chats and can be easily customized.
Gratis / Open Source

Ray Suite 3.0update
Ray Suite helps you to turn your site into a multimedia communication system.
Licencia comercial

chatFX combines the power of Flash and XML to produce an intuitive, multi-platform, highly customizable...
Licencia GPL

zlchat is the next generation of web conferencing software that enables professionals to instantly comm...
Licencia LGPL

Flash IRC client
Flash IRC client is a feature rich open source web-chat client based on IRCwx protocol.
Licencia GPL

Ajax Shoutbox
This script is based on jQuery library and Form plugin. It's very easy to setup it, also an archive is available for download so you can play with the files on your localhost. This jquery shoutbox is file based, but it's very easy to write a few more lines to keep your messages in a database. It tries to simulate the behaviour of YShout


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